MRVets now offering MRI Fellowship training

Veterinary MRI Fellowship


Veterinary Radiologists, Veterinary Radiology Residents in Training, Specialists, Veterinarians with an interest in magnetic resonance imaging.


A comprehensive course in basic and clinically applied veterinary magnetic resonance imaging with Jaime E. Sage, DVM, MS, DACVR (minimum of two weeks - consecutive or split weeks). The course is modeled on and uses extensive materials from Dr. Pat Gavin's years of teaching the fellowship, in addition to hundreds of cases collected more recently from Dr. Sage's practice.


In person at our new office in Round Rock, Texas, a short drive from Austin. An online remote fellowship option is available.


Please contact us to arrange a mutually beneficial time.


Develop your clinical skill in veterinary MRI in an intensive course.


Call Dr. Sage: 512.745.0510 or Send us an email.


A maximum of 2 students per two-week session will be accepted. This small number will ensure personal attention.

Tuition: $1000 (US) per week.

The course will be comprised of didactic lectures and case based clinical MRI reading.

Topics covered:

Physics of MRI, basic imaging sequences, protocol development, and patient positioning for optimal imaging quality.

Clinical material:

     •    Brain including neoplastic, inflammatory/infectious, infarctions, congenital and degenerative conditions

     •    Spine including neoplastic, inflammatory/infectious, infarction, congenital and degenerative conditions

     •    Orthopedic including shoulder, elbow, pelvis, stifle, tarsus

     •    Nerve sheath tumors (in their many locations)

     •    Abdominal studies (liver, spleen, portosystemic shunts, adrenal, pancreas, and genitourinary conditions

     •    Thorax including mediastinum, heart, lungs, and thoracic wall

     •    Head including nasal, middle and inner ear, oral cavity, ocular and retrobulbar, salivary, and lymphatic lesions

Case based material:

Dr. Sage reads for over a dozen sites with magnets ranging from 0.3 to 3.0T. Ten or more new cases are received daily and there are thousands of more cases available for additional study.
Other information:

The course is held in historic Round Rock, Texas. The courses will entail 35 hours/week, leaving time for recreation and enjoyment. 
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