Welcome to the MRVets community!

This online community is made up of clients of MRVets teleradiology service, DVMs with an interest in improving their image quality, and animal owners who want to know more about veterinary MRI. There are two parts of this site, the main page, and the community page.

Main Page - Imaging Guides and Case Library

On our main page you will see articles created by Dr. Pat Gavin and Dr. Jaime Sage for our clients and paid members. These valuable resources include:

1. MRI Imaging Guides - We will help you optimize your image quality with techniques developed by Dr. Gavin over the course of his more than 30 year career as an MRI specialized radiologist.  Resources include protocols, slice planning, 3D illustrated positioning examples, and image examples for normals, trauma, pathology, infection, and more.

2. MRiPedia - Our currated library of cases read by Drs. Gavin and Sage, including history, images, findings, discussion, and histo/Cytopathology results when available.

Community forums - Ask, answer, contribute

On our community page, you can post in a variety of topic areas ranging from types of MRI equipment, experiences with different MRI products, or questions about service vendors.

If you have a question or can't find what you're looking for, just add a comment below!

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    Thanks for setting this up. Can I share my log in with the techs at the imaging center? Or would you be able to provide them with their own login? Thanks, Ed
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