What is MRI Vets?

MRI Vets, P.C., is a practice that specializes in providing MRI consultations to referring veterinarians. Our main practice website is at www.MRIvets.co.

Here in our online community and customer portal you can ask questions and post information on a variety of topics from MRI positioning to interesting cases you have seen. You can also initiate a request for us to read your MRI images by clicking on the link at the upper right of the page that says "submit a request."

We are DACVR board-certified radiologists, led by Dr. Patrick R. Gavin, professor emeritus at WSU, who was one of the early pioneers of veterinary MRI.

We occasionally read CTs or radiographs for our MRI clients, but for the most part we specialize in MRI. While most teleradiologists generalize in all diagnostic modalities, our unique focus means we read more MRI studies than almost anybody, giving us the kind of diagnostic confidence that comes only from experience. We take client service seriously too, and as a small team we take pride in being highly responsive to our referring veterinarians.


Patrick R. Gavin, DVM, PhD, DACVR/RO, is Professor Emeritus in Veterinary Radiology, Washington State University. Dr. Gavin is the CEO of MR Vets, and has over 30 years of experience with MRI as a diagnostic modality for animals. Since the inception of MRI Vets in 2002, he has reviewed over 100,000 cases and continues to review more than 200 per month, while maintaining an archive of thousands of cases for review. Dr. Gavin is the author of several veterinary texts, including Practical Small Animal MRI, published by Wiley Press. He resides in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Jaime E. Sage, DVM, MS, DACVR received her veterinary training at Texas A&M, and completed her residency at Ohio State. Formerly with IDEXX laboratories from 2005 to 2014, she has specialized in MRI. Dr. Sage has over ten years experience reading MRI and has performed more than one hundred onsite MRIs since 2011 in partnership with an MD radiology group.

This hands-on experience gives her an appreciation for the challenges clinicians face in developing protocols, maintaining anesthesia, and working with animal owners who want answers fast.

Dr. Sage resides in Austin, Texas and frequently travels to speak to veterinary associations on the topic of Musculoskeletal imaging with MRI.

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