How do I get access to the MRiPedia case archive?

Our MRiPedia case library is a curated collection of MRI cases read by Drs. Gavin and Sage, organized by region of interest (brain, abdomen, etc) and segmented by disease process (infection, neoplasia, etc). You must be signed in to your account in order to view the case archive.

Cases in this archive include patient history, images, findings, discussion, and also include histo/cytopathology results when available. Many of the cases were collected by Pat Gavin, DMV, PhD, DACVR/RO over the course of his more than 30 year career as an academic and professional MRI-specialized veterinary radiologist. Dr. Gavin continues to review more than 200 MRI cases per month and continues to add to the archive.

You can visit our MRiPedia case library by scrolling down on our main page at, or by visiting the MRiPedia section directly. If you need help creating an account, see this article: Register for a free account.

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