The brain region of our MRI Imaging Guides includes protocols, positioning, and techniques for getting the best brain Images from your MRI. The MRI protocols on this site were developed by Pat Gavin, DMV, PhD, DACVR/RO over the course of his more than 30 year career as an academic and professional MRI-specialized veterinary radiologist. This section (brain) is open to the general public as an example of the quality of this material. A full suite of Imaging Guides is provided free of charge to customers of MRVets teleradiology, including Brain, C-Spine, T-L Spine, Thorax, Abdomen, Stifle, Shoulder, Elbow, and more. If you are not a customer of ours you can purchase access to these guides on an annual basis. Please contact to inquire about pricing or to obtain access rights as a customer of MRVets teleradiology.